Two of my blogs won’t go to the dashboard

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    I have been trying to get to one of my blogs Silverstar’s Magical Adventures for almost an hour now. When I ask for the dashboard, it gives me a “too many redirects” message. It says that it has a redirect loop. My guess is the redirect is to my other blog Photofilia because I can’t get to the dashboard of that one either. My other three blogs work fine. I have been on my dashboard today, in fact I was in the “My Comments” section when I closed the browser instead of minimizing it like I wanted to. Since then, I can’t get in to those two dashboards. I can get to the blogs by typing in the address. I deleted all my cookies and history hoping that would help, but it hasn’t. I am using Google Chrome on Vista. What did I screw up, and how do I fix it?


    Never mind. When all else fails, restart the computer.

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