Two problems with new version:

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    Thanks, sacredpath, for your advice. No offense meant to anyone at WP. I just don’t have time for too much fussiness. I keep several blogs and require ease of use and functionality.

    Good luck, to all concerned.



    My spellchecker has vanished, it’s not where it’s supposed to be and I can’t find any advice on getting it back!



    Staff has said in these threads that they are working on restoring the spellchecker.



    tsp – I’ve reloaded the page several times. The link thingee just isn’t working for me.



    Another question related to the link issue: is there supposed to be something in the dropdowns for link list, target & class? I’m not seeing a thing.



    OK, that last refresh cleared up my problem. (And those dropdowns I mentioned above have disappeared.)


    On the spellcheck issue, I’ve been pasting into Word or etc to temporarily get around it.



    Remember not to paste from Word directly into your post or you can mess up your entire blog. Copy from Word, paste it into Notepad or Wordpad or something else that strips out all the formatting, copy THAT, then paste it into the blog and add formatting. Word has incredibly devious ways of screwing up blogs.


    Yes, you’re right. And paste it into the HTML mode rather than the “visual” (WYSIWYG) mode. Otherwise you can screw up the font.

    But you’ll lose the links, so I normally just use Word to locate the errors and then correct them (rather than pasting back).


    Now where in the hell did they put the blogroll?

    (I found it. It’s under “manage/links.” But was this necessary?)


    WP had been using both links and blogroll inconsistently, and that had created a lot of confusion (I’ve answered so may questions about where the blogroll widget was (it was called links that I could just scream). They have now gotten consistent, and everything having to do with blogroll and links is referred to as links.


    Thanks. Getting them consistent was good, but I would recommend that the next time they to a major rebuild they send us all an email saying “This is what it used to be; this is what it is now; and this is what has been aded/deleted.”


    If I were a bad person, that would be the day I hit wp w/ a DNS attack. No way would I expect a heads up on such a big roll as this, that’s suicide. Can you imagine the problems if the he//makers of the ‘nets knew about the roll out prior-to? That would make this weekend look like paradise.


    I don’t know what a DNS attack is, and don’t know how an email to us users after the roll out would be painful, but if you say so….



    The email wouldn’t be, but the DNS attack they’d start because they were given the warning would be. You wouldn’t mind the new dashboard, because you’d never get close to seeing a Dashboard, because much of would be down. And WP has been targeted several times already we know.

    If you were in the forums you’d have seen the many requests for the upgrade in the weeks leading up to this, and staff’s comments that the changes were on their way, but no specific date mentioned. And there is a long post about the new features at the top of your dashboard right now, on the right-hand side, under News:


    Thanks much.

    Hell, even an email with that link would have been helpful, but I guess it’s my fault because I don’t follow the forums.


    Is there a way of going back to the old version? This new version is not very helpfull, I just can’t add a picture thumbnail, it keeps displaying it full size. Also I can’t seem to make a picture link to a page that will take comments. Even if I edit the link manually, it keeps making it so that it links to the picture itself. I might as well just write my page in html :S



    @tonyskaraoke – This thread might help a little, and there’s a link in it to a tutorial that’s really good:



    >>>I just can’t add a picture thumbnail, it keeps displaying it full size.

    Did you see the checkbox for Thumbnail?

    Full tutorial:

    I can’t help on linking a picture to elsewhere as that’s not something I’ve ever done.

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