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Two questions

  1. 1. I have checked the boxes for sending email notifications to myself and the other users when someone makes a new post or page.
    But it doesnt work, I dont get a notification.

    2. Did the interface for new post just change? Where it used to say add text file file or photo it now says add media file..


    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) have you checked your Spam folder? They sometimes go there.

    2) yes, things have changed substantially but if you work your way through it you'll see that all the options still remain the same, they're just combined on one button.

  3. 1. I have checked the folders, but no spam. Also, none of the others on the list recieve email notifications, nor do they have any wordpress in the spam filters.

    2. Thanks.

  4. We're having the same problem and it's greatly affecting our uniform ordering process. We thought it was a hotmail address, but that's not the issue because we've had several come through that were hotmail addresses.

  5. @chicorebels
    Please do not post into more than one thread. That's how you slip through the cracks. Go back to your own thread please.

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