two questions about pages

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    1. I made a new page, but it moved over my “about” page one spot to the right. I want the order to be “home” — “about” — “New page” but right now its “home” — “New Page” — “about”

    can it be rearranged?

    2. If I make a new page, is it possible just to post directly to THAT page without it coming to the main page?



    When you write a Page or edit one along the right side is a section labled “Page Order” that should allow you to place the listed Pages in the desired order.

    I’m not sure what you mean by your second question. A “Page” is never sent to the main (index.php) page of the blog.

    Do you mean if you write a Page you don’t want it to be displayed in the Sidebar? If so, no you would need access to the template to change the code.

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