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TWO QUESTIONS: Polls and Users

  1. New to WordPress... my site is ...just got it up and running

    Two questions: How do you add users to your site as like authors or contributers? Is that possible?

    And also, can you find any polls that you can put on your website that works through wordpress? I can't find any.



  2. I doubt if a poll can be added (i haven't looked at all o f them) because of the restriction on adding javascript or other similar codes they run on.

    Go to your dashboard > Users > Authors/Users to add them.

  3. have you added users before? Because that doesn't seem to work unless I'm doing it wrong.

  4. Krakaddict - sorry to intrude on this thread... but how did you direct your domain to your site?

    I was under the impression this wasn't possible yet... unless you're just forwarding the domain, but then no permalinks? Right?

  5. I just bought the domain name from godaddy and linked to it from there.

  6. krakaddict, they have to sign up with WP before you can add them.

    By the way, this question has been asked many times in the past. It's even covered in the FAQ. If you need more information, please do a Search. (I recommend the term 'users') If you're still stuck, please tell us specificly what you are doing and we'll try to walk you through it.


  7. drmike:

    Thanks for your help. Any idea about adding a poll to the account?



  8. I doubt very much that you'd be able to find a poll that works without javascript, which gets automatically removed from posts. Polls are a feature which have been requested before, but my gut feeling is that it's a little too livejournalish for the admins' comfort.

  9. Because this thread shows up when searching for voting/polls, here is the solution:

  10. And here's another option. Did you know that at you can have polls, forums and music players with your free blog?

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