Two quick and rediculous questions…

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    Hi. I realize my questions are quite simple, but I have truly tried to figure out the solution, and I can’t. So, I appreciate your patience.

    My new blog is

    Although I am a 27-year veteran of the insurance industry, I am new to blogging.

    Here are the two things I want to accomplish:

    1.At the top of the page, (after the “home”) you see three topics. I do not want those to appear up there after each article I write. I would like them removed and to make sure future entries don’t end up there.

    2. I would like the articles (or posts) that I write to be listed after the previous one on the main page. But I would somehow like to limit the number of articles shown to about 10. The rest would be found in “archives” or something like that.

    I realize that you are not supposed to post questions that can be easily answered in the FAQ section. But, for whatever reason, everything I tried did not work.

    I greatly appreciate your help and am open to any additional suggestions you may have.




    #1 – Those are pages, not posts, and your theme is coded to display them. You can’t change that without the CSS upgrade and CSS skills. There is no official support here for CSS. You can change to a theme that doesn’t display them, using the page widget instead. As it stands now, you have both, which is unnecessary. It’s a bit like wearing sandals..and socks. ;)

    #2 – You can limit posts shown on the front page in your reading settings. There is a way to display posts in reverse chronological order, but it’s a bit of a pain:

    You can also have a static front page, which is covered in the FAQ. (And thanks for searching, even if you didn’t find what you were looking for.)



    OK. I guess I’ll change themes, which wouldn’t be so bad.

    Oh…and I actually meant the most recent post can be at the top, followed by the next most recent. But I didn’t see where you can set the number posts that appear on the front page before finding it in archives.

    And because you were so quick to reply…an anonymous person will send you a $1000 gift certificate to Target. Well…maybe.



    The next post you publish will be on top. That’s how blogs work (without intervention) so that’s one fewer thing to think about.

    Since the preview function for themes displays the front page, you’ll easily see which ones don’t have page tabs in the header.

    I won’t hold my breath on the Target card..but that’s okay! I’m a volunteer. (besides, it’s just another discount store. I don’t understand the attraction.)



    OK…make that Kohls.

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