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two references on google to my weblog, one too much

  1. hansschnitzler

    I just started a blog, but when I google my name two references pop up. One shows Hans Schnitzler - Hans Schnitzler. When i click on it an error occurs. The other link, which is the correct one, shows Hans Schnitzler - columns, essays en ander schrijfwerk. How can I make the first google reference disappear?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Without knowing the actual links the search engines go to there is nothing much we can help you with - other than to point out that your blog does not seem to have much content in it - no content tends to give strange search results -

  3. hansschnitzler

    Thanks for your shift reaction. I am not sure content is the problem. Google shows two different blog adresses and descriptions, as if I created two blogs:

    1 LINK: Hans Schnitzler | Hans Schnitzler
    and LINK: Hans Schnitzler | columns, essays en ander schrijfwerk.

    First one creates an error, the second one is the right one

  4. You are stuck a bit - it looks like you deleted the 2012/10/22 Post - so the not found is normal - no way here to put that back that I know of - you don't have much on your site - write a few more Posts and after a while search engines will drop the deleted Post down and off the results only to resurface in the future from time to time -

    Write more stuff and the new entries will tend to be at the top -

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