two separate blogs, only one dashboard

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    Hi there

    I have created two blogs, using two separate email accounts. One is The Monthlies’ Blog and the other is Now, when I try to access the Monthlies Blog, to edit, add posts etc, all I get is the small publishers blog. Can anyone help me?


    Sorry to add more to the above information – I didn’t want to create two blogs with the same user name (i.e. add a blog to the monthlies blog)as it was important that each blog show the username as separate entities where it says ‘posted by’ in the posts.


    And it’s me again! I have solved the problem … wasn’t logging out of one blog before trying to get into the other. Also I have deleted the shortcuts on my desktop – whichever one I clicked brought up the same blog. Phew – minor heart attack avoided and now I can get to work!



    Another thing you can do is create admin accounts for both email address under each blog.

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