Two separate sites with one plan?

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    I created one site ( and wanted to add another (separate) site to my plan. I just created and paid for another domain (, but when I go to the new site, it redirects to the original domain. I want to maintain two separate sites. Can I do this with one business plan?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, @themcsmiths17,

    The plans are per site. So, while you may map multiple domains to a site, if you want a separate site also with the business plan, you need another business plan for that one.

    Your account may have multiple sites with all different plans.

    Let me know if you need additional information.


    OK, thanks. I am trying to switch the primary domain to the new one, but don’t seem to have that option when I toggle to the other domain within the dashboard.

    Am I missing something?


    Are these the steps you are following?

    Let me know if that helps or if it isn’t working at a specific spot.


    Yes – I don’t have the ‘change primary’ button.


    Will I also be able to change the primary domain on the g-suite email I added/paid extra for on the initial domain? So instead of (email redacted), I want to change it to (email redacted).


    Okay, I’m going to tag staff with the modlook tag for you because I think they’ll need to be involved anyway. :)

    Please confirm everything you want moved from/to with full urls and they will respond as soon as they are able. Please be patient as response times are anticipated to be longer than normal this week.


    Thank you – appreciate it!

    I want to make the primary domain, so when I enter into my browser it goes to and not I would also like to change the g-suite email address to (email redacted) from (email redacted).

    Eventually I will move to its own plan, once I have up and running, so will maintain the domain within the same plan for now.

    Hope this makes sense!



    @christinemaze you’re amazing. Thank you :)

    @themcsmiths17 G-suite works on a per-domain, per year basis. If you plan on replacing your email address, though, I’d recommend buying a license for the new address now, and setting up forwarding and some means of letting folks know your address has changed. By keeping both domains and both addresses running at once for a while, you’ll help folks be more aware of the site under its new name.


    @supernovia – Thanks for making my day. :)


    Thanks @supernovia. I’ll just leave the email as is for now then.

    But I still don’t see the option to change my primary domain, and is still redirecting to



    But I still don’t see the option to change my primary domain, and is still redirecting to

    @themcsmiths17 Thanks for your patience. We’re checking on this for you.

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