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    I’m fairly inexperienced with building websites.
    i’m using the twenty ten theme.

    I need my website to have a two separate entrance points from the home page. one for english and one for spanish. it’s the same website but with the menu and the pages being in one language or the other. it’s ok if the menu is first displayed in english but there is an option to switch over to a spanish menu.

    it’s not a blog, so i don’t need translation or anything too complicated. the spanish and english pages will both be static for the most part.

    ideally this would be navigated through a single link on the home page, “espanol” to go from english to spanish… “english” to go from the spanish menu to the english.

    one option, i suppose, would be to create another blog that would hold all the spanish pages and would only be accessible from the home page of the english version… that’s not ideal but would work… i think:)

    any help would be appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

    #627600 does not currently support multilingual sites, I’m afraid. What you could do is have two blogs with the same layout, but in different languages *or*, using the custom menu editor, have both languages on the same blog (no way to “automatically” switch from one language to the other, though)

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