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two step authentication

  1. Hi, im logged im my brother's account because i cant access mine. I made the two-step authentication, but accidentally i uninstall the Google Authenticatior from my cellphone, and i lost the print with the backup codes. I really dont know what to do! I click to send the code for SMS, but it never arrives! My account is blocked for good! Can anyone help me?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you have lost access to a account, your best bet is to try the account recovery process here:

    Due to the private nature of information required for account recovery and the public nature of these forums, we cannot help with account recovery here.

  3. Thank you, Rootjosh! This is very useful! Im trying right now to recover my account this way, if i have any problem, i contact you here again!

  4. Best of luck!

    I know how frustrating losing account access can be. We've all been there on one site or another.

  5. Hey Rootjosh, how long it will take to they answer the request? Has been 3 days waiting until now...

  6. They work from oldest to newest. I apologize for any delay, but sometimes they can get backed up.

  7. oh, ok... Thanks for the feedback!

  8. rootjosh, thansk again for the help! As you can see, now im using my own account =)

  9. Great to hear!

    Glad that you were able to sort it out. And thanks for taking the time to check back in and let me know.

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