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Two step authentication: Can't access

  1. Hi, I've had to create a new account in order to post this message, My problem is that I remove accidentally the Google 2 steps authentication app and I can no longer log in to my other account (algui91), Is there a way of reset my settings?

    Thank you in advance.


  2. Sadly, account recovery assistance cannot be given through a public forum. Please use the following link to begin that process:

  3. I've already try with that link, I can change the password, but the two steps verification is still active.

  4. Try the "more help" link:

    That will give you a contact form that will go to the Account Recovery team.

    I wish I could help you more here on this thread. But account recovery conversations require more privacy than a public forum thread can offer.

  5. But that is for blogs in, I have a self hosted blog, but my account of is linked to the account by jetpack.

  6. I am sorry, you have posted to the support forums. We can only offer support for sites.

    For self-hosted WordPress site support, please look here:

  7. But the account is from Anyway, thank you, I will try there.


  8. The account recovery form is for accounts. If you are looking to access your account, no matter if you blog here or not (or are using jetpack with your account), that is what you want to do.

    If you have lost access to your self-hosted WordPress site itself, support cannot help you I am afraid. Talking to the support community may be the best solution in that case.

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