Two strange things in one day…

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    I’ve been actively publishing my new blog for about two weeks averaging about 25 visitors a day. Last night I had 9 people following me by email. This morning I wake up to find that I have over 100 people following and I had a comment that was generated from my own content – a link to the latest piece and a sentence from it. That’s it.

    Might someone be using my blog to spam others and this was some kind of test?

    The blog I need help with is



    No, that weird comment thingy is just a pingback, perfectly standard.

    As for the followers, well, either you had something go viral and draw a lot of people to your blog, and they loved it, or possibly there was a holdup in the system and those people subscribed over time and only now showed up. What do your stats say about yesterday?



    Stats are normal for yesterday. I’m thrilled if that’s the case. I’ll take 100 email followers any day :)

    As for the pingback, thanks for the info. Obviously that’s a new one for me!

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