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Two "Users" that don't show up as "Followers"

  1. I host my site and use JetPack to view site stats. I see my "email followers" but there are two "users" that don't show up as followers. They are listed as "subscribers" under users, but their email addresses are not listed under my "followers" so there isn't an accurate count of followers of my blog. Can you help? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you aware that Staff can only transfer your email subscribers by using JetPack? The Reader is only for members and "followers" cannot be moved. Those who choose to click the "follow" button re: your blog are not necessarily making the choice to receive your posts by email.

  3. I also note that you posted here for Staff assistance with the same issue > As you will get Staff help in that thread I'm flagging this thread for closure.

  4. These are two different issues. Please don't close that thread.

  5. For this forum question: I don't understand why two people had signed up for my blog as subscribed users, but they aren't also email followers. I thought the two were the same.

  6. There are two ways to subscribe.

    1. The Reader, which only supports blogs, not Jetpack-enabled self-hosted blogs:!/read/

    2. Email, only these can be transferred to Jetpack-enabled self-hosted blogs.

  7. Thanks Macmanx. I will take a look at this.

  8. You're welcome!

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