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Two widget ideas

  1. Here are two widgets I'd like to see someday:

    1. For my family's group blog, it would be great to have a widget that says "Logged in as:" followed by a fairly large avatar of the person currently logged in. For households with lots of kids (or adults), this should reduce the possibility of accidentally blogging while logged in with someone else's username.

    2. A voting widget. For example: "Should we make our family blog private?" Click on Yes, No, or Don't Care. Click here to see current results (or just display the results right in the widget).

  2. For item #2, try using a poll

    for item #1 - try MyBlogLog

  3. Thank you! But I guess I was hoping for simpler solutions in both cases. All the forum threads regarding polls makes me think I'll just wait to see if Automattic ever makes a simple poll widget of their own (versus using an outside polling service).

    For the avatar, it seems to me that a simple solution would be a generic URL (e.g., that could be inserted into a text widget and would always point to the avatar image file for the currently logged in user.

  4. Well, it might be simpler for you if the widgets existed but getting new widgets here just doesn't happen very often :(

  5. Yes, that does seem to be the feeling I get from the forums. Still, I'm very grateful for your suggestions, and I'm also thankful for everything I can do on WordPress for no cost.

  6. Oops. sixlings and fwoody are the same person, by the way.

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