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Two Widget Requests

  1. I would like to see and Flickr widgets added. You could add two fields to the author page for Flickr and so the widget would know what to include.

  2. yeah me too.

  3. I was also thinking of a Digg feed RSS.

  4. what about the ability to add any RSS feed of your choise(Flickr, Del.ic.ous, Digg, BBC News, Other).

    Is That is possible ?

  5. a flickr widget (to embed slideshows etc) would be great :)

  6. Would love to have a Flickr widget as well, I'm sure I read somewhere on the forums that there will be one at some point in the future :)

  7. flickr widget please, and comment widget that would allow the full comment to be viewed.

  8. I'm surprised you want the full comment posted. I've seen comments that could have doubled as doctorate thesises in length.

  9. People who post comments that long should get their own blogs, post the comment there and send a trackback. If they're not willing to do that, their ramblings are fair game for deletion :) I agree, though, that even sensible comments are generally a little bit longer than sidebar-friendliness would dictate.

  10. I also would like the flickr widget...we had it for a moment earlier in the week then it was gone. Hope they can get it working soon. Another widget I would like is one to display books, CD covers, etc. of what I am reading or listening to. I suppose that would be an Amazon widget?

  11. I agree that comments are generally a bit long, but the advantage of most blogs is that everything is viewable by scrolling, rather than constantly having to click through a tree structure of links. I'm envisioning something similar to cbox that can be used in Xanga or Blogger.

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