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  1. how come my edited work has a different layout when I preview it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The visual editor is generic so it works with all themes here on It is not a WYSIWG editor so your layout will naturally look different.

  3. thanks. I would like to show images and add type associated with each one...above or below or to one side or the other...and I am not seeing how I can do that.

  4. If you insert an image with the align left option, text will wrap to the right.
    If you insert a photo with the align right option, text will wrap to the left.
    If you put the pic into a post or page with align center, text will appear above and/or below.
    If you use align none, the image will be on the left, text below. However if you have text before and after the image (on the same line) the text may be on both the right and left, but at the bottom of the picture.

    To control the space around the images, go to advanced setting and fill in the line "image properties" "vertical space" "horizontal space" with a number. Save changes.

  5. The Support article explains better:

  6. Also keep in mind the maximum image width. For Greyzd it is 648px. Narrower for images with captions.

  7. ...and so it appears that I can't have an 'island' of text of just a couple of lines to one side of an image or the other describing it? I have quite a number of images but little text to go with each one and I'd like to keep the text relative to each image. Does that make sense?

  8. Sure. You can adjust the space above your text.
    Place this code (in the text editor) right after a left-aligned image:
    <p style="padding-top:25px;">YOUR_TEXT</p>
    (change the 25 to whatever number works for your photo text pair.)

  9. thanks for your's a bit beyond me how to do this...I'd be happy to pay if it would make a difference!

  10. OK, but no pay: I'm a volunteer!

    So I'll add some more detail and maybe looking at the html code won't be too scary for you to look at and use:

    Here is what the code looks like for the tree photo in your "Pigeon" post:
    <a href=""><img class=" wp-image-824 alignright" style="margin:20px;" title="IMG_4097 2-2-3" src="" alt="" width="430" height="386" /></a>

    Breaking it into short pieces we can translate what it's saying into English.

    Just like proper punctuation in English sentences, there are rules in the html language for its "sentences." Notice that this "sentence" is framed with these symbols: < to start and > to end.
    <a href="">
    The "a href" part is saying there is a link. And I'm sure you can recognize the link because it begins with http:// . If you copy that part into your browser navigation bar, you will see your picture full sized.

    The next "sentence" (also framed with "< "and ">") is about how your photo is to be displayed on your blog:
    <img class=" wp-image-824 alignright" style="margin:20px;" title="IMG_4097 2-2-3" src="" alt="" width="430" height="386" />

    You don't really need to know the specific details, but again you can recognize the http:// link. If you put that" into your browser's navigation bar, you will see your tree at the size it is in your post.

    —>—>A neat trick is that you don't have to read all this code yourself to find where you want to paste my code which will place a short bit of text next to your picture. You can use your browser's Find feature to locate your picture. You must know the title of the picture (in this case you titled it "IMG_4097 2-2-3"). On a Mac, in Firefox and Safari, the keyboard shortcut is "command F" and I suppose on other platforms you would use "control F." The find feature is also available on your browser's menu. On Firefox it is on the "Edit" tab.

    Find "4097" and notice the html "sentences." If you have a photo that doesn't link to a larger image, then there will be only one "sentence" (that being the one with "src=."

    Place my code after the last > symbol.

    Whew! then you can switch back to the Visual Editor and replace "YOUR_TEXT" with, well, with your text.

    Here is my code to place a short bit of text next to a pic on your blog:
    <p style="padding-top:25px;">YOUR_TEXT</p>

  11. now, you may have better things to do than instruct me in my limited state. I entered the html and up came a page with only my photograph on it. how do I now enter the stream <p style="padding-top:25px;">YOUR_TEXT</p> ?. I tried adding that to the first stream but again it just showed the same page with just the photograph on it. If you think I need to read up on this sort of thing first please direct me to a source and I'll go off and study it.

  12. i'm confused as to why I can't manipulate 'things' once i'm in my blog? I have the images loaded in 'Gallery', I have the type entered...but I cannot isolate and position the images and type as wanted. If there isn't an easier way than what you kindly informed me of then I think it's white flag time.

  13. The main thing is that you have to switch your visual editor to the text editor. The info I have been describing is what you would see in the text editor.

    You could contact me via my site if you want some step by step information about placing your very nice photos with short text beside them. Not as a volunteer though, hmmm.

    As for learning about using code, the main thing I used was a free test blog where I could experiment with things I read about in books from the library, the site, and various volunteers here now and in the past. My way is learning by experience so the test blog was very useful for me.

  14. perhaps I should give you a little background of what I'm doing with my blog? Basically I make an entry when I feel like it, I'm not trying to sell anything, I just want those on my email list to see what I'm up to. But I would like to do this in the best light possible...and so if you could help that would be most appreciated. Let me know how you would like to go about it.

  15. for some unknown reason, my username keeps getting disconnected from my site. You can now click on my name to find my site and contact form.

  16. your username that 'did' appear under the cat photo? it doesn't appear now.

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