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    I recently tried to register a blog in wordpress.com, but then I accidentally typed the wrong email address during registration. I got one number wrong. Now I cannot verify my blog. I wish to keep my username and also blog name. What can I do? Please help. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is thecaramelcottage.wordpress.com.



    I’ll flag this for staff attention – I think they will need to sort this out. Please be patient it can take them a while to reach this thread



    It appears that your account is activated, and the site at http://thecaramelcottage.wordpress.com/ is ready to go.

    Are you referring to a different account than littleladycaramel?


    hi, thank you for replying. Yes I can log in, but it still says my email isn’t verified yet, so I can’t post. My problem is that, I cannot receive the verification on my own email, because I accidentally typed the wrong address. It couldn’t be sent to me, because I got one number wrong I typed “91” instead of “93” , it might have been sent on who knows where.Could I register again, in my correct email address? But I still wish to keep my username and blog title. Will that be possible?

    My account: littleladycaramel.




    If you do not have access to the email address you used for signup, there’s no way we can verify that you own that email address in order to make a change for you.

    You might see if you can register the email address you used for signup and use that to confirm the account. From there, you could then update the email address to the correct one.

    Otherwise, you will need to create a new account with your correct email address.


    Well, actually, yes I can verify it is my own email…because the email I used to sign up, the one where I got the last digits “91” wrong, is my old yahoo email, which I don’t use anymore(although I still can), the one I now use is the one with “93”. This wouldn’t have been a problem(since I own both), but the thing is, I actually also typed the .com wrongly. Which means the email it was sent to doesn’t even exist. I’m just new at wordpress, but I really did create this blog, that really was my own email, but I typed the .com wrongly. I could even email you with that email if you want, just to prove it.

    Please do help clear this up. I feel so bad, I don’t want to waste my username/blog, it hasn’t even got round to starting. I basically sent it to a non-existent email address.

    Thank you.



    If you can contact me via email from the exact address used to sign up for the blog/account, to verify that you do own that account, I will be able to help you out.

    If you can’t do so, there’s really nothing further that I can do, because I need this email to verify that you are in fact the owner of this account.


    oh, alright then, I’ll try that. may I know which email to contact you?
    also as much as possible I don’t want my email to be public, I don’t really wish to share it here.




    You can use the email in the link in my previous post. It would help if you put my name in the subject line so I’ll see it, and post here to let me know when you’ve sent it. Thanks!


    My registration/email problem have all been sorted out now, I was able to register my desired email, without having to change my blog anyway. It all had been surprisingly cleared.




    That’s great to hear.

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