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Typekit Fonts

  1. A Typekit Font section has appeared under Appearance . Does anyone know if this is just for CSS upgrade or a Happy Christmas to everyone from WordPress.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Looks like something has started to experiment with on us. bloggers are somewhat like guinea pigs sometimes! It does not see functional yet. Maybe soon.

    or later?

  3. "It does not seem functional yet."

    (no editing here!!!)

  4. That's awesome when it does become functional!

  5. when or if it become functional…

    see this:

    if or when it becomes functional… So far it's like an appetizers to whet your appetite!

  6. damn them for teasing me. ;)

  7. Look for an announcement post soon, but yes; this is a new feature.

  8. Wow this indeed is going to a nice feature added to when becomes functional

  9. I just noticed the feature listed in my dashboard and can't wait until it becomes functional so I can test out the feature on my blogs.

  10. Yes. Yessss! It does look like it could be interesting!!!

  11. Well they are here and I just posted on them so come and read :)
    TypeKit comes to WordPress.COM

  12. Glad to see it... I noted back in November 2009 (remember those long-gone days?) that TypeKit would fit well at
    I expected TypeKit to be part of the CSS upgrade, but it appears under Appearance even for blogs without the upgrade.

  13. So, is it actually functional now or not yet? maybe I just missed the announcement and don't know how to make it functional...

  14. it's working on my blog.

  15. tishrei...
    How did you get it to work?

  16. You may want to read an couple of current forum threads if you are focused on changing fonts. Not all fonts are included on all operating systems and not all browsers display them as expected.

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