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Typekit fonts - confused about the custom upgrade

  1. seattleyarnthings

    I just bought the $99 bundle. I already had a free typekit account. Do I still have to pay typekit to upgrade my kit or was that included with the bundle? If I don't have to pay typekit again how do I let them know I purchased the upgrade here?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, that was included in the bundle so you now have access to all the stuff over at typekit.

    You don't need to tell typekit anything. It is all handled now through

  3. seattleyarnthings

    The reason I asked is because when I click to go over to typekit they're asking me if I want to upgrade in order to access the full library. I'm not using the pop up screen in the dashboard because I don't have a pc. The pop up menu only displays the fonts up to letter f. Also, not the one I wanted to use...

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