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Typekit in Academica

  1. I'm using Typekit in the Academica theme, and I'm having trouble finding one of the CSS selectors.

    My font works fine on my home page, which shows my most recent posts. It just doesn't work on the titles on individual pages.

    I have .h1, .h2, and .title currently set as CSS selectors. From looking at the page source, .title *should* work, but I'm clearly missing something.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is the relevant CSS (I think)-- taken from the stylesheet for the About Me page, but the same for all pages:

    <div class="column column-title">
    <div id="crumbs">
    <p>Home » <span class="current">About Me</span></p>
    </div><!-- end #crumbs --> <h1 class="title-header">About Me</h1> </div><!-- end .column-title -->

  3. On the single post pages and on the static pages, there is a different selector used for the title, so you would need to change that here:

    .title-header {
    font-family: "bree-serif-1","bree-serif-2",sans-serif;
    font-size: 250% !important;

    I matched the font stack and font size declared for the main page titles. If you want to change the color also, just add a color declaration to the above.

  4. Perfect, thank you!

  5. You are welcome.

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