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    So my test/development blog is at:
    and it uses the (awesome new) Twenty Ten theme. The page at:
    has a section titled “Custom Backgrounds” with an illustration titled “Custom header & background, plus Typekit.”

    The illustration shows the Site Title in a font that is not the default font for the theme. That together with the mention of Typekit suggests it’s possible to use a Typekit font for the site title.

    I can’t figure out how to do this. My understanding is you have to use an HTML tag to indicate that a piece of text is to be displayed using a Typekit font. But when I enter HTML tags in my site title, they’re displayed as text, not interpreted as markup language. So I’m missing something basic here.

    Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is t123123.wordpress.com.



    Gosh … TypeKit stands behind their product and provides their own support for it so we won’t be helping you with that here. Please contact them directly for the help you need. Her’s the link http://typekit.com/help


    You don’t use html, you use the appropriate CSS selector.

    You go to Appearance > Edit CSS, click “view original stylesheet” and find the selector for the title; in 2010 its this:
    Then you sign up with Typekit, add your Typekid ID to your blog, select the font you want, paste selector into selector box, click Publish.



    building on that, ensure you dont have any non-standard formatting on your type as you’ll need to define handles for Typekit to recognise and change accordingly, e.g. p (paragraph text), h1 (heading 1), etc. hope that makes sense.




    Hey, thanks for all the pointers, and especially for “you don’t use html, you use CSS” which is the main thing I missed.


    Dumb question: So I take it you have to have the CSS paid upgrade to use it?

    *I signed up for the basic (i.e. 2 FREE fonts) from Typekit and I would only want to use the font I chose for all of my post (h1) Headlines.

    So, if the above question is a “no” then I am having troubles to get it to show up.

    If the above question is a resounding “yes” then forget it…

    Otherwise I did contact their tech support BUT I would like to get this going right here and right now.


    Curt King



    No you do NOT need the to purchase the annually renewable CSS upgrade to use TypeKit Fonts.


    @curt: You don’t need the CSS upgrade to use Typekit, but you do need some experience in CSS editing. What exactly are you trying to do?


    Never mind – for some reason it would not work with Firefox?!!!!

    Very frustrating as I spent hours researching and trying to get it to work.

    So I switched to Google Chrome and it worked instantly!

    *Then when I switched back to Firefox the fonts were there…

    Turns out I was doing nothing wrong in the first place.go figure.

    Thanks anyway (timethief, panaghiotisadam)!

    Take care,




    One thing I’ve noticed since I started using the typekit fonts is that they don’t always load. Then the fonts return to a fallback set, which is less attractive than the original font used in twenty ten. Just my 2ยข worth.

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