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    For the past few days, the font on my site header hasn’t been using my typekit. It should be the font Lobster, but for some reason it’s averted to the theme default. I haven’t done anything to the CSS recently, so I’m not sure what’s happening or how to fix it.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is anothernicole.com.


    No Typekit account is currently hooked up on the Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts page for the http://anothernicole.com/ blog.

    To setup your own Typekit account on http://anothernicole.com/ follow these instructions:


    aha! i see! it was hooked up before…is there a reason it stopped working? do i need to re-“hook it up” every time i renew my CSS subscription? THANK YOU!!!


    You shouldn’t need to re-hook it up after renewal! Is that definitely what happened in your case? If so, would you mind letting me know a few more details about what happened? Did you let the WordPress.com subscription completely expire before renewing or did you renew it before it expired? Same question for the Typekit account, did you let it completely expire before renewing it? If so, I think that could explain needing to re-hook it up. If not, I can see what I can find out and also keep an eye out for similar reports in case Typekit connections are getting removed in some cases when they shouldn’t be.


    I’m not sure if that’s what happened; it could be entirely coincidental. My CSS customization was due to expire, but I paid it a week (or so) before it did. So it never actually expired. And i have only the free/trial version of Typekit. However, I hadn’t done anything else to/on my blog in about a week. I hadn’t touched the CSS/design/etc in more than a month. So I wasn’t sure what else could have triggered the lapse in the font. But maybe it was something to do with just having the free trial? In any case, since I didn’t let any account actually expire, this seems unlikely…right?


    Right. I think what you’re describing shouldn’t have happened. I’ll make a note of it and we’ll look into it if we can find at least one other confirmed case (I’ll keep an eye out). Thanks for the report and the extra info!



    Hi all, just want to add here that my blog went “funny” as in it wouldn’t load and I could see a message “transferring typekit” something or other at the bottom of the screen. Previous to this I could see that the font I was using for posts and links had gone “funny”. I rebooted to see if there were gremlins in my computer but still couldn’t load.

    Then I wandered off to have some noodles for lunch and when I returned my Blog did load but the fonts still awry. I then went to Dashboard / Custom Design to check my font choices – Site Title ( Sorts Mill Goudy ) – Headings ( Puritan ) and Body Text ( Ubuntu ).

    I saw the preview looked as it should and then reloaded my blog and all was okay. I’m just saying there must have been a temporary glitch and perhaps my checking my Fonts under Custom Design activated the fonts to be put into use again.


    Thanks for the note. It’s hard to say what happened in your case since the problem is not there for me to see when I check it now. If you see anything funky like that happening in the future and you can manage to get a screenshot, that may help (especially if it’s a new bug that comes up intermittently). Here’s how to create a screenshot:

    Or, it may just have been a temporary glitch like you said!

    I’ll keep an eye out for more reports. I’d be great if anyone else experiences similar problems if they could post a note about it here too.

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