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ugly font appears now in HTML version

  1. @airodyssey
    Thanks for posting that. :)

  2. @designsimply:

    1) As I said in a previous reply, the monospace argument applies to the CSS editor rather than the HTML post/page editor. For the average user the content of the latter is mostly text, with some code when you add images, formatting tags, tables etc.

    2) Thanks for demolishing the hype about the "feedback of millions of WordPress users" with the link you gave us.

  3. Only five responses so far in our campaign to get Consolas in the HTML editor changed back to a legible typeface. Vote here:

  4. @onthliner: I think it's a quixotic quest, but I added my two cents!

    People who are coding should see lines of code. People who are blogging, even in the html editor, should see text with some html interspersed in it.

  5. @ontheliner
    I have now posted there as well.

  6. I chose to blog this. In case anyone would like to enter the discussion, my post is here > a title="WordPress HTML editor font change" href="" target="_blank">WordPress HTML editor font change

  7. Also note that I posted to the thread 3 hours ago. Well my post is not visible when I am not logged in! So I posted again.
    This is the second post I am making to this thread. When I am logged in I can see my first post immediately after MMADfan 's and before dribblingpensioner's post. Posted: 3 hours ago #

    When I am not logged in I can't see my first post above and that points to something very ugly!
    Posted: 29 seconds ago # Edit

  8. @timethief: I subscribed to that thread, and when you posted, I got it via email, but then I went to the thread, and your post wasn't there for me to see, either.

    I like to believe the best in people, but . . . yeah, suspicious.

  9. And just went back, and I don't see your second post, either. :-( <<<grumpy face

  10. Do I have to register with wordpress org to post on the thread you are referring to timethief? I am a bit confused but would like to add my small voice to this.

  11. @mmadfan
    It's not marked as "awaiting Moderation". It could be in the spam filter but one would thing that the WordPress,org mods do check that filter frequently and here we are a day later but it's still not displaying. :(

    Yes. You have to register a username account in order to post there.

  12. @timethief: one message might get "lost" in spam or something, but two? I saw both come through my email, too. I wouldn't blame you if you were beginning to feel a bit singled out. I'm not happy with this situation. It's not as though you said anything "out of line" -- critical, yes, but not profane or rude.

  13. For the record, I actually like this font. I came looking for it so I can use it in my Word Processor. Now I know the name.

  14. Using a mono-spaced font makes sense for the HTML editor. However I think it might be a good idea to use a different mono-spaced font as the front of the stack since so many people appear to be having troubles reading the standard ones.

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