ugly font appears now in HTML version

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    If I’m not dreaming …Thousands of thanks!
    Good night!



    I gave up on trying to convince the developers to revert this yesterday. I am focused on the future approach that could create inclusion for users and parity with WordPress.ORG users re: BETA testing.

    I would appreciate hearing what others thoughts are on my suggestion made here


    Image illustrating ontheliner’s excellent point:

    I find it hard to believe that in 2011 we revert to the typewriter era.
    (But I don’t find it surprising that the only “official” reply so far is: this is it, it’s based on feedback from millions, and if you have complaints we don’t want them here.)

    And of course I second timethief’s suggestion.



    Hi all
    Sleepless …
    I have just now a nice HTML editor. Do not you?
    (sorry for the misspelling)
    Firefox 4.0.1 on Ubuntu 11.04



    As this is not the venue for complaints, I began to consider the lack of millions of users contribution to the development process and how it could be enabled. Thanks.

    P.S. I appreciate your sharing the image.



    The font I have currently in HTML editor is thicker than yesterday, well contrasted, and easy readable.

    I don’t care if it is courier or console or whatever usual one.
    Now I’m satisfied with the font of HTML editor, and for my taste the issue is fixed.

    Perhaps it was an issue with the browser?



    Seems I was writing about a different issue then the others. My problem was mainly the thinness and the very light color.


    @ludusnaturae, I think you were writing about the same issue as the rest of us. The font was hard to read, both a light gray and a font that was hard to skim.

    I too have a better html editor font today. Not sure what the font is called, but it looks better than it did yesterday. I too am a happy user today.



    Thank you, @theauspiciousquirrel.

    I’m full happy with the new font now. I have no worry with the difficult in see the text at a glance.

    >personal opinion<
    HTML is code, and code must be write and read letter by letter. For reading text between code tags, I use the preview.
    >personal opinion<

    Have a good day!


    @ludusnaturae: HTML is code, but in most cases the content of your HTML post editor isn’t code, it’s the text of your post, with some code. What you’re saying is valid for the CSS editor, not the HTML post editor.



    OK, X, but this isn’t the main problem I wanted to report in previous posts. I just want to make this clear, mainly for ‘macmanx’ ((and for you all, and for all readers of this discussion, of course)



    I’m sorry, I published a draft!
    I meant: OK, Panos … etc. Apologies, Panos!



    If you use Firefox, the following GreaseMonkey script allows you to change the font back to Helvetica/Arial on your computer:


    The font change was discussed in the WordPress open source community as a small but meaningful improvement. Paraphrasing: Arial isn’t meant for HTML code. Monospace fonts which are the ones already used in code blocks in the visual editor should be used instead.

    Here’s the background for those who are interested:

    To use, you don’t have to know how to code, but if you want to be a part of beta testing WordPress, learning enough to participate in the open source project is the way to do it. Decisions about the WordPress software like this font change are made by the open source community and everyone is welcome to participate!



    Thank you for this information,’designsimply’!
    I guess ‘theauspiciousquirrel’ and me could read the HTML editor comfortably from the removing of Courier.
    In my case with Firefox on Ubuntu, latest versions both.



    Thanks all round in this debate…

    timethief – Thanks for moving the issues on. And I second your proposal in this conversation (above: Jun 3, 2011, 7:15 PM)

    airodyssey – Brilliant! Your Greasemonkey script is exactly the miracle cure I’m seeking, but your link doesn’t say where we can get the override and how to apply it to Firefox.

    panaghiotisadam – Consolas on its own may look serviceable. But my own rant against it in the HTML editor is that the code is all run-on amid the text without any visual differentiation. In most cases you can’t even have a line space between paragraphs to help identify them, because these will publish as double line-spaces. So the view in HTML is of a post area of solid type, without any easy visual signposts to locate specific parts of the text at a glance, or to find a detail in the HTML you want to adjust. Copy-editing in the past few days has become a seriously time-consuming pain.

    ludusnaturae – I too use Preview for the only realistic view of a post before publishing. And it’s a complete pain to constantly toggle with the dashboard to resend another Preview. Unlike its predecessor Cutline, in Coraline the Visual Editor in dashboard has never remotely given a WYSIWYG view, either in terms of colour, spacing, line-breaks or font changes. Copyediting in the Visual Editor introduces unwanted white space and junk code which has a mind of its own.

    designsimply – Your link to the discussion about Monospace font leads off with a post from somebody who says “if I’m writing HTML”. Well we bloggers (the end-users) are not *writing* code in our posts (though we may want to tweak the HTML). Almost all of our time we’re trying to write and edit the plain English text. Why on earth does the developer’s need take preference over the blogger’s?!



    Perhaps I have overlooked something. If free hosted members wish to fully participate in BETA testing of WordPress versions in development stages, then I don’t see any way for them to do that, without setting up a install any using the plugin the others use.




    I agree that this font is not only hideously ugly but also very difficult to read and edit. I literally cannot edit the html when it appears this way. I will now have to copy and paste it into another editor and paste it back. I have a problem with the vision in one of my eyes that makes it difficult to read certain fonts — even making the size larger on this does not help. If I were a machine, perhaps I could read it just fine. Sadly, just a flawed human here!

    If this were 20 years ago, I likely would have thought this “OCR look” was just fine, but screens and fonts have improved since then — and my eye damage occurred since then, also.

    It definitely looks like a “mistake” or a glitch, not something intentional. I kept waiting for it to fix itself, then came looking on the forum for the fix. Since there is no fix forthcoming, I am going to have to figure out how to use greasemonkey, I guess, or do my html editing in a different editor, and hope for a time when perhaps users are offered participation in beta testing.

    Thanks for the info here, and I’m glad I’m not alone in finding it a giant step backward, not to mention aesthetically displeasing.



    @airodyssey: Thanks very much for the greasemonkey script. It worked like a charm! You have saved me a lot of time and frustration! :-)

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