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Ugly lines through my blog in IE

  1. Using firefox everything is perfect, but using IE there are some lines in some posts crossing out the text and even in the menu text and I have no idea why :S

  2. its becuase IE isn't a good web-browser..

  3. I see what you mean. There are no lines in the body text, but all the stuff in your sidebar has lines through it. It's got to be a back end issue, something WordPress tweaked that's not compatible with IE. Normally I'd say send a Feedback, but those aren't being looked at right now because of the holiday. Maybe Mark will see this thread and check it out for you.

  4. Nothing to do with IE or us.

    This tag <del> was in that post after the Youtube link.
    It is now removed and the problem has gone :)

  5. thanks

    I did not do anything and the problem is gone :S...

    Conclusion: USE FIREFOX

  6. IE makes me nervous :S

  7. Let's stay on topic folks. As per Mark, the choice of browser had nothing to do with the issue that occured within this thread.

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