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    Hi there,
    I have added a Platial map to my blog (very nice feature), as a widget on the sidebar. It works fine, but it has no spacing at the top, so that the text above appears almost to bleed into it. And there is way to much spacing at the bottom, creating a huge gulf to the next sidebar element.
    I’m not sure whether this is a Platial issue or a WP issue or both, but I’d be grateful if anyone can point me towards a fix for this.



    Could you perhaps put in a couple of lines with just a period and return? The period would show, but it’s the best spacer I know of, unless you have a transparent gif.



    there isn’t any way to add text to the Mapkit widget. It’s all formatted by Platial. Personally, i have moved mine to the bottom of the sidebar, because i don’t like the massive space below it.



    I was kinda hoping the Platial people might notice this. It looks to me that it has to do with the code that’s imported rather than the WP widgets.
    As it is, I think I’ll take it off the sidebar and perhaps run with it on a separate page.



    You cannot display any widget on a page or post. They can only be used in your sidebar.



    Hadn’t quite thought this through. Thought I could get some code from Platial and paste it into a page, but of course that didn’t work because it’s an external script. So what I’ve done is simply hosted the map on Platial and linked from the sidebar. Much neater.
    In any case, my sidebar is getting crowded!



    iheartmaps is registered with works for PlatialMapkit and her email address is tracy ( at ) platial ( dot ) com so perhaps you should email a feedback to her {email address mudged to elude spam bots}.



    For what it’s worth I stuck a text widget in above the Platial widget to make the labelling of it look a bit nicer ad more integrated. Doesn’t help with the big gap at the bottom though. shows the general idea. Still experimenting with it, but a fun widget.



    Hey everyone. I apologize for neglecting forum.

    Leia–nice map! I’m going to mention it on our blog.

    Is this space under the map thing still an issue? The one on Leia’s blog looked ok to me, but it could be a browser thing. What browsers are you all using?

    I updated the faq to have a section special for WordPress People.

    Click on the questions to read the answers.

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