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UK Storms June 28th 2012

  1. Well, it all kicked off up the North east yesterday when the area suffered some of the fiercest storms for years. Many parts of the country also recorded tornados and hail stones the size of golf balls.

    Anyone from the area with any of their own observations, photos or videos. I'm very interested in storms and have a private blog of storm observations etc, so I'd love to hear any stories from the day it all went "BOOM!"

  2. I'm in Yorkshire and we had some fairly strong winds and some heavy rain for about an hour but nothing I would describe as odd. Oh there was some thunder aswell.
    I heard about the tornado in Lincolnshire... that's fairly interesting!

  3. Lol really?! I remember it thundering at 11:30am, then I went back to sleep and woke up at 4pm and it was really nice and sunny. You northerners get all the fun :(

  4. Fun?! I think I'd rather it was nice and sunny.... Don't like thunder :(

  5. theinsanityaquarium

    It was horrendous in Long Eaton, Nottingham! One of my work colleagues came in and asked us if we wanted anything from the shop 'before the world comes to an end'... it was pitch black outside at midday and then the rain happened. It's a good job I'd taken a sandwich with me! No pictures or videos unfortunately, but some of the ones on the news were incredible.

  6. Here on the Wirral it's been OK so far, heavy rain and wind but nothing too bad, I just wish summer would start or was the week we had in April it?

  7. FFS! I slept through it all! >:(

  8. Never mind ard, according to the radar we could be in for another interesting week storm wise. Fingers crossed.

  9. I experienced a tiny tornado a couple of weeks ago. It was when I and my cousin were trapped into it. It was scary and I was almost flown away. But it was more a fun. I wish I were in England.
    And a song:
    ''When it storms in my motherland
    It doesn't blow the dust but shakes the leaves.''
    Oh it sounds well in Urdu language but is broken in English. The context is heart touching though.

  10. My little weather gadget on my computer desktop says thunderstorms tomorrow here and I don't like that :(

    Don't like this weather at all :(!

  11. Oooh, I absolutely adore thunderstorms. I get quite excited when they are about. ;)

  12. @joelyroely. You're in Yorkshire? I am originally from York although I live in Norwich now. :)

  13. Hey I'm missing rains. My weather gadget shows 45 celsius. It's burning everything. The record high temperature here in Kashmir.

  14. Hi Hnsaifi, come to the UK, we have too MUCH rain Lol. supposed to be more storms during the rest of the week. YAY!

  15. Really? But I don't like summer chills.

  16. Don't come then.

    I live in North Derbyshire which may aswell be Yorkshire :P

  17. @jessielansdel- yeah im in Yorkshire.... good old hull... *awkward silence* :P

  18. Ahaha you know that they say about girls from Hull...

  19. @joelyroely . Ah, I don't know Hull at all. But I've walked over the Humber Bridge both ways. That was an experience. :)

  20. @ardpete.... it's probably true :(

    @jessielansdel- I've never even done that and I've lived here all my life minus 3 years lol. What brought you to the Humber Bridge?

  21. It had just opened and me and my ex decided we'd like a walk over the bridge. It was a very bracing walk and very enjoyable.
    I lived in York all my life (up to eleven years ago) and I'd NEVER been to the York Dungeon or the Yorvik Centre. Tourists knew more about those places then I did. Lol.

  22. Ah sweet :)! I love York. I used to go there with my ex and it's a really nice place. Had a panic attack in the Yorvik Centre though and I refuse to go to the Dungeons. I'm such a wimp xD

  23. Been bad up north again rain and thunder wise I see. Was expecting some action in Ipswich but nowt accept rain and gun metal skies. Nice and sunny now though. ;)

  24. We had a lot of rain this morning but no thunder. Sunny here now too... so unpredictable!

  25. According to Radio 1 earlier, "A months worth of rain in 24 hours"

    A month where? Africa?

  26. @ard. Have a look at the radar on Netweather site. The west country are getting a right pounding. Sweet f all here. :(

  27. It rained here today. The weather is quite nasty. I'm feeling very well today but my Keyboard is still not working and I'm typing online :(

  28. It's well foggy this morning, that'll be fun driving to Sheffield! I'm determined to have a BBQ today, even if it means none of us can see each other!

  29. The national news here featured anchors bantering about how "everybody" was suffering from the heat. Of course, the only place it's hot is Toronto, Centre of the Universe.

  30. @ard. Lol. You could make it a theme BBQ and all dress up as Sherlock Holmes or Jack the Ripper. :D

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