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UK Storms June 28th 2012

  1. @rain. Sounds like our news papers and TV reports when they tell us that 'The country has ground to a halt' etc when we've had about two inches of snow. :)

  2. theinsanityaquarium

    Was going to go to Derbyshire Pride today, but the parade has been cancelled because of the rain! It doesn't seem all that bad at the moment... I'm rather tempted to go out without an umbrella, but then you just know I'll get washed away and end up in the sea, being eaten by mermaids, or something.

  3. Ooh, it's Norwich Pride on the 28th July. Hope the weather is better by then.........some hope. :)

  4. Well I tried making it a Jack The Ripper themed BBQ but then the sun came out and the prostitutes never showed up. So we just ended up having a regular one :(

  5. You have to PAY them to show up, pete. Duh.

  6. theinsanityaquarium

    Aw, BBQs are rubbish without prostitutes.

  7. They would've been paid on arrival! I just don't think they fancied the whole "Realistic" Jack the Ripper theme =/ I'll have to coat it differently next time.

    Fear not though Anna, we still had midgets.

  8. Of course, the only place it's hot is Toronto, Centre of the Universe.

    Raincoaster I grew up in southern Ontario and then lived in Toronto for over 20 yrs. after university. When it is 42 degrees C with high humidity, it is extremely unpleasant. It would be like being in 1 of the southeastern U.S. cities with high humidity...and smog.

    I've bike in such weather and it feels very unhealthy unless it's 6:00 am which is when I would go for 1-2 hrs. and that's it. That's how dangerous it can be without no shade.

    Vancouverites always experience heat with an edge of Pacific Ocean coolness. Summers in Vancouver never get as a terrible humid and hot as Toronto. I've been around here (Vancouver) for the past few weeks. :D I know: it's 10x times easier to bike up multiple hills of 10% grade in Vancouver vs. Toronto in the summer heat.

  9. And insanityaquarium: BBQ's need...cowboys. Albertans go nuts over BBQs vs. other parts of Canada. The prairie land of beef ranches, bison ...foster BBQ worship.

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