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  1. I am in a difficult position of advising some candidates on where to register for their post-graduate education. The choice is which is better between British and Americcan educational system? Without bias, do you sincerely believe as some people suggested to me that British educational standard is far better than American educational standard in general? Please do help me out of this fix. This guys need my urgent advice. Their choice of courses range from Medicine, Politics, Economics to Info Tech. Your advice and supporting arguments will be greatly appreciated.Your arguments will be published in my blog too.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. lettershometoyou

    Have you ever thought of Canada? Canada has a long list of world-class educational institutions and an active international community on every campus. A major point to consider is bureaucracy. The Canadian student visa process would probably be a lot less hassle than applying to either the US or the UK.

  3. lettershometoyou


    So I take it you're going to advise them to study in Australia?

  4. I opened this thread expecting to read an account of Brandywine, Cowpens, or Guilford Courthouse.

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  5. i think there are more options in US than compared to UK... so UK seems to be the destination...

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