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Umm...banner ads?

  1. Did I miss a meeting or something?

    Check it out:

    Is hosting WordPress blogs now, or do "featured blogs" like this one get special privileges, or...?

  2. Ugh! My firewall is on and I can't see it. You mean where I see [AD]? I see that alot where pictures should be sometimes.

  3. Right-hand column.
    Code entered into a sidebar widget, I'm guessing.
    But I could be wrong.

  4. Hello folks,
    I saw that folks were being directed from WordPress Forums to my site so I was wondering..."who in the world would be talking about my site?" :-)

    I am not a featured blog nor do I get special privileges. I placed ads on my blog the same way I placed the SiteMeter stat counter on my blog. The SiteMeter is essentially a hyperlink on my sidebar with a hyperlink to an image icon.

    The same procudure is used for the ads.

  5. I was wrong. I guess I am a featured blog on some of the tags in the newly created WordPress "Tag Pages". Nevertheless, that is beside the point.

    Apparently, the powers that be at did not like my ads. I received a very short and direct email that more or less threatened the removal of my blog unless I removed the ads. Well, I love the blog and so I figured I would just remove the ads and ignore the email from Podz that was poor in grace and communication skills. Well, before I had the chance to deal with the matter myself, the ads had already been removed.

    So goes life in the universe.

  6. If the welcoming email for new bloggers does not contain a sentence telling folks to read the FAQ's carefully before setting up their blogs(and I'm presuming it does) then it should. But I'm guessing that this is a case of leading horses to water and them choosing not to drink before they off go running wild.

  7. There is a link to the FAQ in the Welcome email.

  8. Yes, but he was here before that link was added. :)

    And, with all due respect to Podz and the other staff members here, the FAQ in question discusses it as JavaScript Based adverts. It doesn't spell out text based ones or affliate links.

    For the longest time, please remember that even I was telling folks here that affliate links were allowed.

  9. The FAQ states it, Matt has stated it and a forum post here would get the same information. Adverts are not permitted.

    Is ignorance a defence? If it is for one blog then why bother reading rules that you might break and then say "But I didn't know please let me off"?

    This blogger got 1 chance to keep his blog. He took it. He GOT the benefit of the doubt (for which he should actually be grateful). Or maybe it should - in accordance with what is stated above - have been deleted?

  10. I have clarified that link drmike.

    Running ANY adverts on your blog could result in the removal of your blog without notice.

  11. Thanks for the responses.
    Sorry you got your ads pulled off, notapundit.
    Hope you didn't think I was singling you out maliciously or anything.

  12. Thanks Podz. :)

    Too many years of high school and college debate in me. :)

  13. All I can find about ads in the ToS is the following:

    Automattic may also from time to time change its policies on offering commercial content or displaying advertising, and it may do this without notice.

    Which I'm reading as 'we can have any policy we like and we don't have to tell you about it.' That said, it wouldn't hurt to be a little more explicit about the fact that putting adverts on your blog could get it deleted. After all, people who've been here a long time won't necessarily be reading the FAQ. A news blog post would do, if they can't mess with the ToS without calling the lawyers in again ;)

  14. 'we can have any policy we like and we don't have to tell you about it.'

    Says that in most contracts now a days I'm afraid. :(

    From the TOS:

    Automattic will advise you of any such change, and may do so in any reasonable manner, such as posting a change on the dashboard you see when you log in to your account or via the “ News” blog accessible at


    Automattic may also from time to time change its policies on offering commercial content or displaying advertising, and it may do this without notice. However, Automattic may post blog entries about its policy changes, and you may wish to check your dashboard for Automattic’s announcements about any such changes.

  15. generaldisarray

    Dr. Mike, you were a debater?

  16. That's why I suggested a news blog post. It seems more 'reasonable' than firing off nasty emails on an individual basis. Quicker, too.

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  18. Some of us blog just to blog and not worry about money coming back from it. :)

    If you're more interested in money, then you would probably be happier with a hosted blog elsewhere anyway because you would be needing more options than what can provide you.

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