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un-hang wordpress import?

  1. Hey there, I was trying to contact administrators directly, but I guess I have to go through a forum. Anybody please help me redirect this, or let me know a way I can resolve this myself...

    I tried importing a month's worth of posts from an xml file I prepared, into I do this all the time; this month I wanted to do it a little early for Jan 2013 because Christmas is coming up, and I'm moving house, so I'm going to be not only super busy, but also off the grid, and I didn't want my subscribers to miss any content.

    Anyways, when I tried to import my Jan 2013 set of 31 posts, it barfed. It seemed to ingest 1/31 down to 1/11, and then no more. I deleted them to try again, but now it appears my import is hung. (never got the import complete email, going to import/wordpress in the dashboard, says it's still working)

    This happened to me before, when established a limit on scheduled/published posts (before that I would pre-publish a whole year at a time! Now just monthly). When it happened before, an administrator did something for me behind the scenes to reset it.

    Anyways, if somebody could un-hang for me, I'd appreciate it.

    (Note for some reason I attempted the same Jan 2013 upload to; I got the same partial posting of only 1/31 down to 1/11, then I deleted them, but I got my "import complete" message dashboard/import/wordpress is ready to accept another import file. Not sure why this one is behaving a little better...)

    Also, what specifically is the ceiling on scheduled/published posts? It would be nice to know so I can avoid this problem in the future

    thx, [redacted]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    I checked your blog, and I deleted the old import job, so you should be able to try again.

    I am not aware of any limit on scheduling posts, but I will check on that for you. Try giving the import a run again and let me know the result; don't delete or stop the job if it runs into a problem - let me know and I'll check the log to see what's happening.


  3. OK I submitted the same import file again, it did the same thing, I can see in my posts that there is stuff there for 1/11 to 1/31, the stuff for 1/1 to 1/10 is missing. And when I check dashboard/import/wordpress, it says it is still working.

    I had a thought maybe that I need to format my pubDate the xml to 01, 02, instead of 1, 2, etc., but that doesn't explain why 10 Jan didn't make it.

    I can email you the xml file I am trying to import if it will help. You can reach me at my wordpress username at gmail. I did have to adapt my template once, maybe wp changed the format a little again?

  4. OK, so this time it "went through", I got the "import successful" message, but dashboard/posts shows 1/1 to 1/10 are missing. (This is what happened also with

    Probably in a little bit I can try forming a smaller xml file for just 1/1-1/10 (and change 1-9 to 01-09) and import just those. Or maybe if you uncover a klew as to what's going on...

  5. This thread is tagged for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting.

  6. Thank you!

  7. I do see your posts of January 2011. If you still think you're missing portions, send us the import file by e-mail and let us know what you're still missing.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. January 2011 was a long time ago. I'm talking about I tried to import 1/1/2013 -- 1/31/2013, and only 1/11/2013 -- 1/31/2013 showed up; 1/1/2013 -- 1/10/2013 are missing.

    I will email my import files.

  9. I assume you are referring to post drafts? Could you please send us the import files by e-mail, we haven't received it yet. Or did you sent it from a different e-mail address?

  10. I checked, and yes it was sent from an alias. I just now resent from the address registered to my account.

    Drafts yes, but in my XML file I am submitting them in a published/scheduled state, so I don't have to go in every single day and set them from draft to published/scheduled.

    In the old days, I used to import a whole year of scheduled posts in late Dec, and the whole thing was then worry-free all year.

    Then a couple years back a limit was imposed on the number of scheduled posts, and I throttled back to monthly imports. That has been working for a few years, until now -- for instance I did an upload of December's posts in late Nov.

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