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Unable people finding blog via Find Friends

  1. Is it possible to make my account "unfindable" by someone using "Find Friends" feature? I don't want someone, who has me in his/her contacts in Facebook/Twitter/Gmail to be able to find my account in WordPress.

    Is it possible to block my account being found??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but all I know is found here >

  3. Seems like there are two possibilities:

    1. if you do not want to change your e-mail associated with WP: change your display name and primary blog so it has no relation whatsoever to you. The downside of this solutions is that you have to change your public profile which is kind of "impaired" then.

    2. change your email associated with WP to one which no one of your friend or family knows (possibly completely new email). The downside of this solution is that you have to have another email account, which you have to check separately (unless you set some forwarding options, connect accounts etc.).


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