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Unable to access account, site disappeared from drop down.

  1. I have a wordpress blog that up until yesterday I was able to access through my wordpress account. In the drop down menu I had two blogs listed. One was a wordpress hosted blog (typical , the other was hosted under my godaddy account (it appeared as through a domain pointer), but I was still able to access and update through the wordpress interface. I would be prompted for a second login and password to do so.

    This second blog no longer shows on my list of drop down options. The blog is still live and is still hosted on the godaddy server. I, however, am unsure how to access it to update the site as the login for this site has disappeared. I am no able to login directly with wordpress using the second login and password, but I wasn't able to before either. I always had to enter the first login and password to access my overall account, and then subsequently submit the second login to access the linked site.

    I have the site backed up on my hard drive.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The thing is, even though that site was listed on your account here, there is no real connection between it and wordpress.COM. It is completely stand-alone, which is why you had to enter a second username and password. It was listed in your account here most likely because you were using either the blogstats plugin or Akismet on your self-hosted site (you had to use the API key from here).

    Login for the self-hosted site on godaddy should be done at, not through the wordpress.COM dashboard.

  3. That makes sense. Thank you.

    I was recently disabling plugins because the downloading speed on my site was running relatively slow compared to other sites. That issue is still unresolved but I believe it is due to a hosting issue and not a wordpress issue.

    I will use the link that you provided for logging in.

  4. You are welcome.

  5. I am having a similar problem, but my site is not externally hosted.
    I have a site that allowed me to post the photos I took on a trip, and this site is still accessable to view; but I cannot get into the management portion of it.
    When I logged in, all four of the blogs that I had were reduced to one tha I don't use anymore. I have no means by which to modify/update the trip photos.
    Because the pics are still available online, I know that it was not shut down. Did someone hack it and take it over to make it their own? If they liked the photos, all they had to do was ask. I posted them to share them and I would have gladly offered a copy of each to whomever wanted them for personal use.
    What can I do to recover control of my photo blog?

  6. I have a site that allowed me to post the photos [...]

    @questforadventure: What is the address of that site?

  7. @questforadventure: Make sure you are accessing it with the appropriate username. The last few articles were published by username "theweekendpublisher".

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