Unable to actually add text to a text widget

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    For some reason I am unable to actually add the text to my text widget. I right click on the icon in the right of the widget..no luck, I left click, no luck. I looked for info…no luck on how to actually add the text, although i did find out how to add the text block to the sidebar.
    Any help for me on this?



    You should be able to click on the icon and then the text widget opens and you simply type in the html that you want. You must be sure to click “Save Changes” after you are done or the text will disappear http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/12/24/using-the-text-widget/



    For reference, you left click in that white box with the lines to modify the widget.

    What browser, browser version, and OS are you running please?


    same here,

    i can’t paste any code in my text widget. i browse with explorer, version 6, in windows xp.
    please help! there’s a lot i want to do with text widgets.


    I’ve found the text widget needs a good kick in the rump >.<

    You have to click it just right or it wont open up. It’s damned annoying, but it will open, eventually.


    Same here. I thought it was just me. And then when I try to click it, it moves down the sidebar ladder to the next rung. I have to move it to the last rung so that it doesn’t disturb the other widgets. Then when I enter my data, I place it in the proper sequence. So annoying.


    Yus, its not exactly the most user friendly widget to get started hehe



    I have no difficulty at all creating text widgets and filling them with text. I wonder why you two do. I’m using firefox


    No, once I open it, it’s fine. It’s getting the widget to open that’s a pain.



    Could this be a browser issue? I use firefox


    I have Internet Explorer. I wonder?



    I’m sorry to say that I don’t know. I’m a firefox user. I have IE but I hate it and never use it.


    Nope, the problem occurs in all the browsers, ive tried it in FireFox, Opera, AOL, Netscape and IE



    I’ll leave it to you two bloggers to send feedbacks to staff after the weekend.



    Using the available, and free, WP themes I find this piece of html works great in the text widjits (just remove the x’s)…

    <xp align=”left”><xfont size=”2″ color=”gray” face=”arial”>Insert text here.<x/font><x/p>

    WP doesn’t like most of the color codes so I stick with the primaries… black, white, brown, gray, purple, red, orange.



    @feartheseeds – To make it easier on you (and the reader) when helping out with code use the backticks (probably next to your 1 key) around the code you are inserting so you won’t have to use the x’s

    like this



    same here..got the same problem, cannot edit the text widget..I’m using IE as the browser



    Need to expand on what is occuring. Are you getting some sort of error when you click on the edit icon? Does it just not come up? What version of IE are your using anyway?


    I am using Internet Explorer 7. I have persistent problems opening the widget text boxes. And they also shift downward in their alignment when I try to click on them, so I move the text box to the bottom of the sidebar and then edit. That way, it doesn’t affect the other widgets.


    Same problem here. If I click just right, I get arrows that point in 4 directions. But it never opens up. IE6, XP Pro is what I am using.

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