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    I am trying to add images to my testimonials so that they appear as thumbnails above the testimonials as per the demo site.

    However, when I try to upload my images which are 180px square (as per the images on your demo site), I get an error from the media library that the images need to be at least 1024px

    Considering that they only display at around 80px on the front end, I don’t know why this error message is occurring.

    I’m new to using WordPress.com as I usually develop in self-hosted WordPress but am doing this site for a client with an existing WordPress.com account. I’ve never come across this error in uploading images before and am not sure if it is a theme stipulation or a WordPress.com ‘hand-holding help’

    How can I get thumbnails added to my testimonials?


    The blog I need help with is nomadicwidow.com.




    am not sure if it is a theme stipulation or a WordPress.com ‘hand-holding help’

    It’s a hand-holding help issue. : – )

    Please see the Testimonials section of the Dara theme guide, which says in part:

    Dara features testimonials in two ways:

    • The dedicated Testimonial Archive Page displays all testimonials in reverse chronological order, with the newest displayed first.
    • The static front page displays the newest two testimonials.

    File images that are 180 px square are sufficient for the featured images that appear in the testimonial section on the static front page. These may be set on the corresponding testimonial editors. The featured image that produces the error message that you refer to is, I would venture to guess, the testimonial archive featured image that is set at Customize > Testimonials > Testimonials Archive Featured Image. This featured image is displayed at the top of the testimonials archive page.

    On a test site with Dara applied, I tried a 180 px square image as the testimonial archive featured image. The result was an odd looking featured image for the page, but I didn’t receive an error message.



    Here’s the Testimonial archive page on the Dara demo, https://darademo.wordpress.com/testimonial/. The featured image for the archive page features a bouquet of roses, while the featured image set on each testimonial displays as a small circular thumbnail.

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