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Unable to add image widget

  1. I'm trying to add an image widget, I enter the url from my media library and the dimensions, and as soon as I press save the url disappears and when I click on my blog the image is not there and it says please configure your widget in settings, and the cycle starts again.
    I've had the same problem when trying to add a paypal button, and I'm so close to tearing my hair out.
    Would really appreciate your thoughts
    Frustrated blogger.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If the URL disappears, then it's a wrong or invalid URL. Paste it here please so we can tell you.

  3. Hi ya, thanks for replying. The url I was using from the media library was -

    I also tried this url for the same image -


  4. You're welcome.
    The first one is the URL of a dashboard screen, and the second one is the URL of a page with the image on it. Image URLs always end with the filetype extension (.jpg or .png etc).
    Go to Media > Library, click Edit under the image title, copy the complete URL from the "File URL" field of the Save module: that's the URL you need.

  5. It worked! Thanks so much!! :)

  6. You're welcome!

  7. i am having a problem with my image widget as well. i was having the same problem as saysie and i too was going to rip my hair out haha. now my problem is that there are title and a box but not my image. it is just showing like a little clip art type thing in the middle. it should be an image that links to my etsy shop. i have seen it on so many other wordpress pages and it's the full image. do you know why my image is not showing up? thanks!

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