Unable to Add New Topic as my comments are in spam.

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    I cannot even write to you in Ideas as someone has put a comment of mine into spam. ALL my comments in other blogs end up in their spam, but, funnily, if I reply to a comment in my blog, it’s accepted. I put forward an idea of colouring red Spam on the Notifier etc. but my idea ended up as topic closed.
    Ralph http://bluefishway.com/

    The blog I need help with is bluefishway.com.



    Hi there Ralph!

    We aren’t finding an instance of your comments being spammed in the Ideas Forum.

    Could you send me a link to one of the threads where your comments was spammed?

    Thanks much!




    Hi thatrobyn,
    Here is the link you requested. On submitting my add topic idea the result was an immediate topic closed.
    ALL my comments to other blogs are still going into their spam except for a couple who found and unspammed them.
    Have a lovely evening. Ralph



    Heehee ! I just read this on the sidebar.

    Started 44 years ago by Anonymous



    Ralph, the Ideas topic may have been closed as it was read by a staffer. That doesn’t mean it was spammed, per se. I unspammed the one post that was caught in our filter on forums, and confirmed that you do not have any others.

    You should now be able to see:

    You mentioned that you have a comment that was spammed on a WordPress.com user’s site. Could you send me a link to the post on which you left your comment?

    Thanks much!



    I can’t see how a staffer could close the topic in a matter of seconds. You guys/gals are good, but not that good :)
    My comments in ALL other blogs are in their spam (some bloggers have found and unspammed a few comments). I am a prolific commenter and I have been back through my comments. Previous to when I found the problem I had made comments to friends over months who I can’t see “accidentally” placing one of my comments in spam.
    I have just written a post in which I have asked everyone to check their dashboard spam to release any comments of mine
    Thanks for your help. This one is weird !



    Hey Ralph!

    When I said the topic was closed, I didn’t mean “solved,” I just mean “read.” But we’ll get to the bottom of this for you.

    Please go to this site and comment on the first blog post:

    I’d like to see firsthand how your comments get caught in my spam filter.

    Let me know if any of your readers release your comments from their spam filters…and then tell me their user names/sites so I can investigate more.

    Thanks so much!



    Hi Robyn,
    I have just made a comment in your blog. It may be a few hours before I can give you the links you ask for, but it will be today :D



    Hi Ralph! I found you in my spam filter, and unspammed you. Could you try to leave a comment again? On any post, would be fine. Thank you!



    Okay. I’ve commented Robyn. Do you still want those links ?



    Thanks for unspamming my comment Robyn :)
    Still on topic. I received this comment tonight:

    “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about your comments going into spam – if one person marks one of your comments as spam, wordpress will send all of your comments to spam until you contact them to fix it. If somebody does it a second time you will be banned from commenting on anyone else’s blogs. So all you bloggers out there – don’t spam other blogger’s comments. If you don’t want them on your blog use the trash option!”

    Is this true ? If so, why is the innocent commenter penalised ? Why not just notify the innocent commenter to stay away from the blog that spams ?



    Hey Ralph,

    I did find your first comment in my site’s Spam. Once I unspammed it, none of the rest of your messages ended up in my Spam filter. They all went to my regular moderation queue. So, the good news is, that if you contact the sites on which you’re commenting, once they unspam you, you shouldn’t have any trouble moving forward.

    In the meantime, I’d like you to take a look at the following form and fill it out:

    Let’s call in the big guns and see if they can help get to the bottom of the issue with you!

    Please stay in touch about all of this, so I can keep track of your status, and help monitor the improvement of the situation!

    Thanks very much. Hoping to get this all fixed for you asap…



    Thanks for forwarding the Akismet link Robyn. I received this reply this evening from my message:

    “I can comment on my blog:
    But ALL my comments on other WP blogs are going into their dashboard spam. One or two bloggers have unspammed them, but in the majority I do not see my comments appear.
    I am a prolific commenter having made approx 7.500 over the past 2 years.
    Staff at WordPress Com forum has passed my problem to you at Akismet.
    Thank you for your fine work in the field of spam. I hope you can sort this out for me.
    Take care. Ralph”

    Their response was:
    “Hi. Sorry for that – I believe it is fixed for you now.
    Nick H”

    I’ll let you know what happens Robyn in this thread in a week or so. Thanks again.



    Lovely! I look forward to hearing from you about the status of this issue. Fingers crossed! Thanks for keeping me updated, Ralph :)

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