Unable to add Service buttons using an iPad

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    As the title states, when attempting to add a service button such as twitter or Facebook to posts, under settings then sharing, it is impossible to do so.

    When you attempt to select one of the drag and drop options it selects the bounding box around all of them instead.

    Thus, you are forced to use a laptop or desktop to complete this action in building your site.

    I’m proposing that instead of the icons only being drag and drop that they also come in the form of selectable checkboxes. This would eliminate the issue, I, and other mobile users have when working on our sites.

    If there is already a workaround to this please kindly point me in the right direction.


    The blog I need help with is hardenphoto.wordpress.com.



    Have you tried posting to the iOS forum? http://ios.forums.wordpress.org/

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