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    This is a continuing reported issue with the best example on http://lorelleteaches.wordpress.com/

    When a tag is created, it holds the name “tagname.” When the same word(s) are used in a category, the name becomes “categoryname-2” as they now share the same field in the database.

    I’ve spent too much time (and frustration) changing the tagname to “tagname-2” and the category to “categoryname.” I’d love to see this changed so category names take priority over tags to make this automatic but I understand the complexity of that wish.

    What I’m challenged with now is that I cannot change the capitalization of existing categories that have the dash-2 name. I have several categories that somehow ended up in lowercase. Now my category list has mixed cases.

    When I try to edit and change a category name such as “blogging” which is listed as “blogging-2” to “Blogging” WordPress.com informs me that this is a duplicate category and I cannot change the name. Categories without the -2 can be changed for capitalization without errors.

    I do not think that changing “blogging” to “Blogging” should initiate such an error message.



    The blog I need help with is lorelle.wordpress.com.



    I agree this is a bit of a pain point. It’s part of the core WordPress and actually considered a feature, not a bug. I’ve made note of it to see if it can be changed on our end, or if we’re just going to roll with core on that.

    In the mean time, my only recommendation to get exactly what you want would be to go through the category/tag renaming dance again until you can get the desired capitalization under the non-numbered slug.

    Another suggestion, a bit more of a “nuclear but uniform” option, would be to add this to your style:

    a[rel~="tag"] {
        text-transform: lowercase;

    That will display all tag and category links on your blog as lowercase, regardless of their actual case saved in the Dashboard.



    Thanks for the suggestion, as funky as it is. :D Problem is that the Theme I’m using on that site does not include the custom CSS. I use it for teaching my WordPress college classes so it serves as an example to the students of what they can do with the basic, unadulterated WordPress.com. Ah, the joys of learning all this, but I still think that categories should have priority over tags in the taxonomy…something I know would be hard to do!




    You’re welcome!

    Sorry, when I came up that snippet earlier, I was looking at http://lorelle.wordpress.com/ :)

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