Unable to center a group of images anymore

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    It seems that I am unable to center more than one image anymore. One centers fine, but if I would like to have 2-3 images side-by-side and centered within a post, the best I can get is them centered singly in a column. The center button will not allow them to remain in a row. I used to be able to do this easily, and a quick look at my blog and you can see I was last able to do it in October. The posts since, you can see the images are all left justified. (The most recent post has whited-out periods to make the images centered!)
    Thanks so much!
    Best, Kristen

    The blog I need help with is kiefferceramics.com.



    The basics are here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/image-alignment/ Once an image is uploaded clicking it and then clicking the Mountain icon will give you additional options under Advanced for setting alignment.

    I find wrestling with the editor to be a PITA so I don’t do that. I create HTML tables instead and maybe you would prefer to use that method too.
    Align Images: HTML Tables for WordPress.com Blogs
    How to make HTML tables for your WordPress blog

    That being said perhaps another member who has more patience than I do will post into this thread and give you some help with this by explaining the way the editor works re: image insertion and alignment.


    Thank you for the bloggingtip.com links, timethief. I’m not so html savvy, but guess I will have to resort to it, so thank you.

    The idea that the alignment icons aren’t for images is news to me after using them just that way for the last two years. The center alignment icon used to work perfectly for a group of images, centering a row…now it only creates a centered column.

    I do hope someone else will chime in?



    I believe the trick is the setting. When you upload a new image in the advanced alignment options click it, click the mountain and choose “none” instead of using the “centered” icon. If I’m wrong then I apologize in advance.

    P.S. I’m not HTML savvy. onecoolsitebloggingtips.com is my blog and I find it easy to either make my own HTML tables or to use a HTML table generator and then upload images I have presized into the table.


    Ha! Sorry I didn’t realize onecoolsite was yours. It looks super usefull. Your direction looks detailed, and simultaneously overwhelming and helpful! :-)

    Well, I’ve maintained my WordPress.com site with ease using the *kitchen sink* icons for two years, and am mystified. I’ve always uploaded images without choosing an alignment at the upload point (always choosing “none” and aligning later).

    It sure seems like something changed in the last sixty days for whatever reason, making it all much more complicated than necessary.

    Any other thoughts by you and anyone are welcome!


    Just tried to download a couple of images and center align them at that point, and they also center in a column. It doesn’t seem possible to simply center them in a row any more. Perplexing?!


    a) Setting the image alignment to Center is for centering that image alone, not a group of images.

    b) What you used to do still works, but it was and still is a hit and miss affair. Also, highlighting content in the Visual editor is always unsafe if that content is enclosed in code: you cannot see if you’re selecting exactly what you should.

    c) The tables in the posts timethief linked to are basic table coding: they will produce a set of images in rows and columns, but the set will be left-aligned. To center it you need additional coding, so it’s not worth the trouble.

    So… Safe alternative 1, switch the editor to HTML and enclose the images in this code:

    <div style="text-align:center;">

    (As you already know, the images must have been inserted the one after the other with no line or paragraph breaks between them, and their alignment must be None.)

    Safe alternative 2, insert the images as a gallery:


    Thank you very much, panaghiotisadam! I’m really liking option number 1. Still perplexed why the editor is so quirky, and seemingly only intended for text when most blogs are equal with imagery. I appreciate the help immensely, thank you.



    The icons in the editor are for moving Text ie. for aligning text and not images. When we use them we may think they are for moving images but this is not the case. When we use the icons in the editor they dictate where the text will be placed in relation to the images.

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