Unable to Centralize or Alter Size of Header Image

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    I’ve tried allsorts to try and alter the CSS so that the header image is 900px, or failing that centralized. It seems that there’s some sort of invisible limit of 760 for the header size, so I’d really settle for it being centralized.

    It’s almost as though there’s something in the theme over-riding everything i’m doing.
    Would be grateful for any help.

    The blog I need help with is mrllamatastic.wordpress.com.


    Once you widen a theme, you can no longer use the custom header uploader as it will always resize the header image to the original.

    You need to put a blackground declaration into #header-image and put the URL of your 900px wide header image in there. Upload the header image to your media library like you would a normal post image and then get the URL of that image from the “insert image” window.

    #header-image  {
    background:url("URL-of-header-image") no-repeat scroll left top transparent;

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