Unable to change blog name to an available name

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    Last night, I created another blog without the knowledge that I could change the name of the one I previously had. Once realizing this, I deleted the new one that I created (aguycalledjoe.wordpress.com) and attempted to change the initial one I had (thenameisjoe.wordpress.com) to aguycalledjoe.wordpress.com. Being unable to do so, I changed it to guycalledjoe.wordpress.com temporarily. If you check for aguycalledjoe.wordpress.com, it is not an active blog. However, the settings do not allow me to change my current one to that. Is it possible for you to help me make this change? I want it to be aguycalledjoe.wordpress.com so that it correlates with my website domain.

    Joe Leung

    The blog I need help with is guycalledjoe.wordpress.com.

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