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    I am new to WordPress, and this is my first post to the forum. If this topic is in the wrong place, please be gentle.

    My issue is that I cannot seem to able to change the blog names under my account.

    I have searched the forums on how to change Blog Name and even google’d for as well. I have followed the steps, but the Blog Name is still “My Blog”.

    Originally, I created several blogs under my account, and during the creation process I left it as “My Blog” thinking that I can change it later. I have tried changing the Site Title under Settings->General in each blog that I have under my account, but the blog names still show as “My Blog” under Manage My Blogs (accessible from My Blogs Top Menu).

    Am I missing something?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is yenhong.wordpress.com.




    After playing around with my blogs a little bit, it seems that if the blogs is set to anything other than public (in privacy), changing the site title has no effect on blog name. At least that seems to be the case for me. After I change the privacy of all blogs from private to public and then back to private, I was able to change blog names of all my blogs.

    Is this an intended behavior?



    What you describe is NOT intended behavior. We can normally change our blog title (not the URL) but the title here > Dashbaord > Settings > General and wheter or not the blog is set to “public” or “private” makes no difference. Please try this again and if the inintended behavior persists then please file a support ticket to bring this to Staff attention. Here’s the contact link > http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/


    UGGGHHHH I am having the SAME problem as yenchen007… I just got started and left my favorite blog’s name as “My Blog”… how can I change it? I have tried EVERYTHING. Seriously driving me craZy. please help!!



    Please read my reply immediately above your question.



    Change blog title
    Settings ยป General Settings http://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/general-settings/

    If following those instructions does not work here is the contact link for Staff

    For clarity re: what I said to yenchen007 was (not the URL). The only way to change the URL as in http://whateveryourblognameis.wordpress.com is to purchase a domain name and domain mapping.




    yenchen007 – thank you, you are absolutely correct – changing the page to public and back to private will allow you to change the BLOG NAME.

    I did notice one more *bug* if you haven’t deleted the default ‘My Blog’ SITE TITLE (under general settings) prior to switching it back to public it will keep ‘My Blog’ as the NAME.

    I had gone through all the same searches (here, google) looking for a solution – I never would have thought to try that – thanks so much.

    timethief: you may do well to follow your own advice and read prior posts .. this issue at hand is in changing the BLOG NAME (as displayed in the blog manager) not the BLOG TITLE as in the general settings of the blog. But meh, maybe with a name like timethief – you’re into wasting everyone’s time ;)


    @riki76, this is NOT normal behavior. In some instances in the past, you might have had to clear your browser cookies and cache to get the name to update under “my blogs” in the admin bar and in the “my blogs” section of the dashboard, but that would have been all and it would not have mattered if the blog was public or private. If you did not clear the cache and cookies, most times it would have corrected itself the next time you logged in.

    Timethief’s reply was correct. If you change the stuff under settings > general, and it does not change in my blogs, then contact staff.

    To the others in this thread, you need to report this to staff as this is NOT normal behavior, it is a bug and it needs to be fixed.

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