Unable to change caption text size in gallery

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    Suddenly today the fonts of my gallery image captions increased and changed styles when I entered them. I read the forum posts and I purchased the customize option for my greyzed theme, but I know nothing about CSS and I don’t see where I can modify the style and size of the fonts.

    The problem is in Other books we read this month,
    the February gallery.

    Other Books We Read

    I’d like to go back to the style and size of the fonts in the January gallery a bit below the February one.

    Thanks for any help

    The blog I need help with is goldcoastbooklovers.com.


    Hi there, you have an h6 heading applied to the gallery which is causing the issue on that page. Open that page in the editor, switch to the “Text” tab and scroll down to where you see this:
    <h6>[gallery link="file" ids="3978,3977,3969,3970,3971,3976,3975,3980,3974,3973,3972,3979,3981,3982,3983"]</h6>
    and then remove this from the beginning
    and this from the end


    My Saviour! That fixed it, thanks!
    I shoiuld’ve learnt code mega years ago, but things get in the way.


    No worries and you are welcome.

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