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Unable to change email address in personal settings

  1. I want to change my email address in Users -> Personal Settings under Account details.
    As I use Dutch in WordPress the field is best translated as: used for login, not published.
    This is an 'old' email address, which I will very soon loose, as I'm using a new provider now.
    Still, if I want to change this to my new email address, which I have specified in Settings -> General, it says, that the email address is in use?
    Shouldn't I be able to use the same address on these 2 locations?

    I must also specify, that I'm a former Weblog user (which also -morealess- works under the wings of WordPress now), and I used the old and new there too.
    They deleted my Blog at, but when you go there you get a message like (poorly translated): This user has left his account....could this have todo with the fact I can't change it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can only have one account per email address.

    Try the Forgot Password link at (you'll need to log out first) and enter your desired email address. If you have already used that for an account here, you'll receive a password reset email.

  3. zevenkamprotterdam

    OMG, I totally forgot that end last year I did some fiddling around as I came from Weblog, and probably already made another account.
    What's the best/easiest way to follow, because, as you can see, there's nothing in this account.
    I would like it to be deleted (not inactive), so I can use my desired email address being [email redacted], as the [email redacted] will be gone in a few weeks.
    Isn't this one also used as notify address for these posts here?

  4. zevenkamprotterdam

    Btw, I *can* login on this account, so I can put in anything you like to send proove I am who I claim to be...
    'Knowledge' I obtained here last year ;)

  5. Accounts can't be deleted, but you can change the email address on the account with the address you want, which should free up the email address for your desired account.

  6. Ok, didn't know that, at Weblog they told me, as my account there is unactive now for about 2 months, it will automaticly be deleted, guess they were wrong.
    I made the change as you suggested.
    It's probably best to set the [email redacted] to inactive, because now this account has an email account that soon will disappear..

  7. Mmm, this is strange...
    When I login here with my Zevenkamp account or my [email redacted] account, I get the same, is this email address I changed the login here.
    If so, probably it's best not todo what I asked in the previous message?

  8. Well, we don't have control over Weblog and visa versa. They may have deleted your account there, but that won't affect your account here.

    The email address on your zevenkamp account is the one you quoted.

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