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unable to change font style on headings

  1. I am using the Chateau theme with custom design. I have selected a Custom Font for Headings and selected the style to be Italic.
    I would like some headings to be italic and some not. Using the CSS editor, I have been able to change some properties of headings (size, color) so I believe I’m identifying them correctly, but whatever I try I am unable to change the font style.
    Among other things, I would like the h3s and h4s to not be in italics. This is what I've tried:
    .post-entry h4 {<br /> font-style:normal;<br /> }
    I have also tried setting the Custom Font back from italic to normal and then setting certain headings to font-style: italic, but that doesn’t work either. What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The font change from the Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts page is very specific, and so if you would like to override it using custom CSS you should use the "!important" rule.

    Please try the following:

    .post-title h4 {
    	font-style:normal !important;

    If you have any trouble, please post a link to the post or page you are working on that has the h4s you are trying to change.

  3. Thank you! That does work, except when I do that, the heading is no longer in the serif font.
    I am using these heading on the portfolio page:
    Is there any way I can fix that?

  4. I'm looking at the H4 tag on your portfolio page - seeing "Encore Magazine" for a reference.

    The font that is targeted at that tag is only an italic, best I can tell. The pt-serif font is what I'm seeing, for your info.

    The tag is this:

    .wf-active .post-entry h4

    And it is actually specifying the font-style: italic and font-variant: normal. I would get to the bottom of that font, and I think you may have your solution.

  5. Thank you! That does work, except when I do that, the heading is no longer in the serif font.

    What is happening is that the font+style you set on the fonts page is the only one available on the front end. So, if you set up a font as italic via the Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts page, then you can only use the italic version on the blog itself. You can override the font style with custom CSS, but it will use the font stack and fall back to the next closest font on the list because the non-italic version isn't loaded. Sorry for the trouble that's causing you!

    @zandyring, the .wf-active part of the selector is something It will work in the same way as the "!important" rule I mentioned above, but the "!important" rule is more portable (i.e. it will still work for someone using the same theme on a blog) and so that's why I usually recommend it instead of using .wf-active.

  6. Thanks for your help!

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