Unable to change menu font colors in Oxygen theme

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    i am trying to change color #888 to #bbb. the “li li ” text turns red and the change doesn’t happen. is this change not allowed in the Oxygen theme

    .main-navigation li li a {
    	color: #888;
    	font-size: 1.166666666666667em;
    	margin: 0 5px;
    	padding: 12px 15px;
    	text-transform: none;
    	word-wrap: break-word;

    The blog I need help with is linacasale.com.





    I don’t see anything in your site’s main menu that matches the selector in the example you posted.

    If you are trying to change the main menu item color in the Oxygen theme, try this instead:

    .main-navigation > div > ul > li > a {
    	color: #bbb;

    If you are trying to change something with two li elements in a row (such as “li li”), can you provide a link to where you are seeing that combination of elements?

    Cool artwork btw. :)

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