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Unable to change my theme to the "dark" option

  1. Whenever i i try to change my theme to "dark", there is no change. How do i rectify this?

    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am sorry if this sounds obvious, but you did also click the "Save Options" button after switching, yes?

  3. yep

  4. Try refreshing the page, or better still, log out of, clear your cache and cookies and then log back in.

  5. And also, maybe try using a different browser.

  6. yep, seems pretty adamant not to change to dark...

  7. Well, under normal circumstances I'd say contact Support, but they're away at the moment.

    Seems some changes are going on in the background, so maybe hang tight for a bit.

  8. @maxjohnsontraining Looks like you have Custom CSS enabled. The styles you have in your Custom CSS are overriding the color option in Appearance > Theme Options.

  9. Thank you lance, this would make sense. Is there anyway i can over ride it back do you know?! many thanks

  10. When you made your CSS changes did you copy in the entire existing stylesheet? That could be what is causing the problem. Try deleting everything in your custom CSS area except the specific declarations that you have modified. Copying the whole of the original styles is always a bad idea!

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