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    I have tried to rearrange the pages on my blog by changing the page order number in page attribute and then update. However, WordPress did not seem to have registered this and my pages are still listed in alphabetical order. I use Kubrick as theme. Here is the link to my blog: London CCC

    Is it just a glitch in the system and when I return a different day it’ll be better, or am I doing something wrong? Any advice welcome. Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is londonev.wordpress.com.



    If you have created a custom menu and you have a conflict between the numerical “order” you created in the page attributes boxes, and the order you established in the custom menu page positioning then you will need to establish consistency between the two.

    If this is not the case ie. if you do not have a custom menu and if you have followed these instructions pages > order without success then you will have to contact Staff for help.


    Setting order numbers in the Page Attributes module changes the order of the tabs in the header menu. The theme you’re using doesn’t have a header menu, so you’ve added the Pages widget. You need to go to Appearance>Widgets and change the options of the Pages widget (Sort by > Page order).

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