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    I agree with Timethief. I’d like to see “hot” issues posted somewhere on our Dashboards. I usually cruise through the Forums for answers before I posted feedback, since I’ve had a couple of large problems lately (photo issues, “remember me” not working on IE7 and now widget updates), but having to not look for a large issue would certainly save time.



    “As regards status messages: it’s been raised before, many times, and the official response from support is that they can’t be bothered.”

    This actually sort of surprises me, because if they did post status messages as timethief suggested, they’d probably save themselves from a huge number of support request emails, sent from people who don’t think to check the forum first for stickies.

    Still, wank has got it right here I think. Support is usually great about fixing things pronto, so there’s no reason to think they aren’t working just as hard now, even though it has taken a little longer. We should be patient, and instead of whining, give three cheers for the staff :-)

    And if you think this is taking a long time… try emailing Technorati sometime.


    hahahah. 3 pages now. i would say thats a noise. misogynistic or not.



    Jeez. Anyone would think you lot were paying for this service. Is it really the end of the freaking world that the widgets haven’t been working for a day? It’s just blogging, after all.

    Anyway, it’s Easter – you should be going on holiday now, not stuck in front of a computer.



    wolfieb, are you implying that a world exists *outside* of computers and the Internet?

    I’m not sure I can handle that.



    It’s alright – you don’t have to go outside if you don’t want to. It can be scary if you’re not used to it. All that bright light, other people, greenery…



    Thank you, wolfieb, for reminding us that there is a world out there and that a lack of working widgets does not signal the Fall Of Western Civilization. (I’m not being facetious — last night I realized I’d spent the entire week having forgotten that I get tomorrow off.)

    That having been said, I’d probably be in a better mood if I wasn’t reminded every time I check this page that

    This topic is one of your favorites [x]

    Okay, I love WordPress, but that is pushing it …



    Exactly. The only bright light I can handle is that which emanates from my monitor ;-)


    …or your shiny arse.



    Ik dacht dat ik gek werd!!!! Maar geduld is een schone zaak. Next time better I say…


    Sorry the sequence I posted in the first page of these comments didn’t work for anyone. Either it was a fluke that can’t be replicated, or I forgot some detail or something. FWIW, I can’t seem to replicate it now either. No doubt they’ll get it fixed soon.



    It must have been a fluke. I tried about every combination of things and could never get anything to stick

    WordPress is approaching 1,000,000 blogs so I would assume support will become more and more challenging for those of you who are used to immediate response. Of course, I switched from blogger because I could NEVER get them to respond. The fact that there is recent info. available (24 hours ago), it’s great. So, depending on your perspective, 24 hours is quite current information.




    Widgets should be fixed.

    Huge kudos to Andy for working on what seems a simple thing but is actually complex given how the site continues to grow.

    Please refresh pages, re-save widgets and on the blog force a reload if needed:

    ctrl-f5 (Windows)
    apple+r (Mac)
    f5 (Linux)



    This is lame Matt Mullenweg.

    As others have said, why not notify us instantly via the Dashboard when a feature fails on WordPress?



    Why not just come into the forums and look? That’s why they’re here for.

    Kind of lame that you can’t make a click and open your eyes…



    @andy and Mark,
    Thank you!



    I’m gonna miss you guys (sniff) …

    Now I’m off to find out if the page sort problem is fixed too, or else I’ll use some of the colorful snarky language I learned while logging on here every twenty minutes for the last thirty-six hours.

    Seriously, guys, thanks for a good job as always. This forum is no longer one of my favorites.



    Thank you!


    It’s not fixed. I just tried to make some changes and the same thing happened.


    Okay, I refreshed my page a second time and now it seems to be working again.

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